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Tooling and Product Development

Ask anyone in the business: the key to wet-press molded fiber design is in the tooling. 


Owing to more than 20 years in machining and fabrication in high precision verticals (dental/medical), Shurcon has become a leader in the molded fiber tooling industry.


Our tooling customers have worked with us to bring to life some of the most recognizable designs in the molded fiber food service and CPG packaging circles.


Continue reading to learn more about our tooling and technical services, view our photo gallery - or contact us for more information.

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Molded Fiber Product Tooling Design and Fabrication

  • All production and prototyping tooling fabricated in-house

  • Includes full tooling set (forming, trimming, lamination)

  • Mechanical or hydraulic trimming

  • Confidentiality is a top priority

  • All tooling undergoes thorough inspection

Industrial Design Car Sketch 2

Product Development and Design Services

  • Small or negative draft angles

  • Smooth surface quality

  • Variable wall thickness

  • Small transition radius/chamfering for sharp edges

  • Vibrant product coloring

  • Experiment with different densities

Eco Food and Drink Packing

​​Molded Fiber Prototyping Services

  • Quick and cost-effective

  • Confidentiality is a top priority - all done in-house​

  • Highly faithful to final production product 

  • Lamination and printing also available

  • Can include water/oil repellent for food service

  • Prototyping molds can produce up to thousands of samples

  • Testing services available as well

Email to kick off your next project with us.  

Tooling Gallery

Tooling Gallery
Tooling Detail
Product Development Detail
Prototyping Detail
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