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Unlock the Full Potential of Flexible Manufacturing

Shurcon offers multiple turnkey configurations to meet a wide range of budgets and fit unique factory floor plans. Harness the efficiency of our fully automated solutions across thermoforming and post-processing equipment to turbocharge your production output.

Purchase FPT machines in combination with our ancillary equipment (trimmers, lamination, etc.) to unlock the full flexible potential of Shurcon's pulp molding manufacturing line for your needs. Contact us at to learn more.

Flying Acrobatics


Maximize flexibility

Shurcon's "L-Type" equipment configuration strikes a balance between speed and space

High Fives


Maximize production output

"U-Type" achieves the fastest cycle times by positioning hot presses on both sides of the former

Tiny Car


Our most compact option

A gantry system connects each module, which allows our most space-saving configuration without sacrificing FPT's fast cycle times

We are also more than happy to fulfill orders for one type of equipment (i.e., thermoforming only, trimmer only, etc.).

Contact us for more information at


We will respond within 1-2 business days.

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