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Flexible Pulp Thermoformer (FPT)

Unlock the power of flexible, modular design

​Shurcon's Flexible Pulp Thermoformer (FPT) equipment line overcomes key bottlenecks posed by traditional pulp molding equipment to turbocharge overall production output and cost-efficiency for manufacturers.


Shurcon's FPTs are CE and NRTL-certified with cycle times as short as 20 seconds.

  • Automated forming, cold and hot press combo

  • Variety of platen sizes for different projects

    • 800 mm x 600 mm​

    • 1500 mm x 900 mm

    • 1700 mm x 1300 mm

  • Maximize cost and energy savings by minimizing downtime and maintenance

  • Multiple layouts to fit customer floor plan

  • Tooling available and produced in-house

  • Custom enclosures available for safety

  • Best when combined with our custom trimming, lamination, or add-on equipment.

Contact us for more information. We will respond as soon as possible.

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